What We Do

We are specialty coffee producers and roasters in Colombia.

We are direct importers in the United States. We promote direct and transparent trade from the farm to the roaster "Origin To Roaster."

We also promote special coffees from other coffee farms of the Cauca region, such as the plateau of Popayán and Tierradentro.

Why Estate Coffee? Because we guarantee the origin of our farm and other coffee farms in Cauca that work with love, passion and transparency, coffees with traceability, quality standards and social and environmental responsibility.

We are part of the Association of Producers of Popayán ASAGROP and the Federación Campesina del Cauca FCC. We also work in partnership with the Association of Producers of East Cauca in Tierradentro ASORCAFÉ.

 La Venta Coffee Products

Our Product

We produce 100% Arabica coffee, washed by hand, naturally fermented and sun-dried. Our coffee is harvested and processed, retaining the characteristics of the Clasic Colombian Excelso - Café Suave Colombiano.

Our goal as Roasters is to bring the best possible fresh roasted coffee that reflects our quality and also the tradition, spirit and values of colombian producers. We ensure a careful roasting process to guarantee our customers a high quality product.

Process for roasted coffee: Our specialty coffee process begins with the best care during the crop and the selection of the best cherry beans at harvest time. Then, we select the highest quality cherries by immersion in water and flotation method. Once the coffee is depulped we use natural fermentation to get the best tasting attributes. After washing, the coffee is sun dried at the appropriate temperature and humidity. Then, during the threshing (trilla), we select the best beans by manual selection to ensure the best quality. Our coffee is a Estate Coffee, which means our products come from coffee harvested directly from our farm.

 La Venta Colombian Coffee Crops

Our Crops

We started our coffee crop in 2008 by establishing different lots of Castillo, Caturra and Tabi varieties. We also have a lot that mixes all these varieties besides Colombia, Supremo and F6 called La Venta Signature.